The State of Internet Freedom 2019: It’s Not GREAT.

Freedom House recently released the Freedom on the Net 2019 report and the findings are troubling. The report can be found over at the site. I encourage you to deep through the report. As a lifelong proponent of technology as part of social change and freedom, the realization in 2019 that technology and social media are really being weaponized political and government entities to suppress the truth is truly disheartening.

I’ll be able to discuss this with an amazing panel and one of the authors, Adrian Shahbaz of Freedom House, at the TAG 2019 Conference in Miami on November 20, 2019. I think the challenge with this sort of report is to comprehend the entire situation and the weight of where the world is politically and try to understand what we can do to address it. It can be overwhelming and there is just so much we cannot directly address, but I hope the panel can look at some of the recommendations in the report and make some connections to the TAG conference attendees with some ideas we all can do address the findings.

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