Fixing Invalid Command Errors on backup-manager in Ubuntu with NFS Mounts

After finally moving off Ubuntu 16.04, I lost my Simplebackup (or sbackup) setup and decided to try old backup-manager on my now bionic beaver 18.04 setup. All seemed well except I could not get backup-manager to leverage the old Synology NFS-mounted NAS on the home network I have always used for storage. It drove me semi-nuts.

There has always been an issue on mapping users on that NFS mount, so I thought the server running the NFS mounts was the issue when I kept getting invalid option errors every time I tried to run the backup-manager to use the NFS-mount even though the permissions were wide-open and I did all I could with the older synology diskstation distro I’m left with on an old NAS.

After hours of messing with the root squash, doing everything I could with the NFS mounting options on the NFS server, and doing all I could on the fstab mount options, a quick fix on the backup-manager.conf was the fix.

In /etc/backup-manager.conf change:




so the backup-manager won’t try to chown directories on an NFS-mounted share when it cannot. Once you do that, re-run backup-manager and you will have a working system.

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