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April 17th, 2010 Planting Complete

This page is dedicated for the Friends of the Urban Forest / Miraloma Park Tree Planting Project for 2010. I helped organize this effort to get  more trees in our neighborhood in working with other Miraloma Park residents and the Friends of the Urban Forest.

The planting happened as planned and we partnered with a group from Sunnyside and all went well. Here are some pics of the day starting from the initial meetup through to the party at the Miraloma Park Improvement Club Clubhouse with the MPIC.

**UPDATE APRIL 5, 2010**

Seeing a lot of marks on the street and sidewalks where people hope to plant trees. Hopefully, these marks are positive things.

**UPDATE MARCH 30, 2010**

Sally, our planting organizer, is going around marking locations in our neighborhood now. We are seeing little white dots everywhere. We are also discussing where the potluck after the April 17th planting will happen. We were thinking to do it at the MPIC with the existing BBQ the MPIC are planning in the parking lot or we just do it at the Mergy house outside in the front, garage and backyard.


Sally from FUF at The MPIC on 3/15/10

At this point, we need your forms. You can download them here.


Here are the files from Sally’s presentation Monday night @ the MPIC

Miraloma-Sunnyside Tree Species Slideshow 4.17.2010
Miraloma-Sunnyside species list 4.17.10
Miraloma-Sunnyside planning calendar

The species slideshow was the one with pics of the various trees from the list. Very useful!

Here is a map of who has expressed interest so far.

View Miraloma Park FUF Project 2010 Map in a larger map

Mergy.org entries relating to the Miraloma Park / FUF Project



Starting January 1, 2010, the whole process of getting trees planted and working with the city should be more streamlined which is why I am signing myself up to organize things here in Miraloma Park. Friends of the Urban Forest will be able to offer Tree Packages for $75 as of January 1, 2010.  Tree Packages include everything:  permit facilitation, utility check, cutting and removal of concrete, your tree, all stakes and hardware, and two years of Tree Care visits.



  1. Point to a spot on the sidewalk
  2. Signing the document called “Forms of the Urban Forest” and a check for 75 bucks.


  1. Acquire the permits from the city
  2. Perform utilities checks under your sidewalk
  3. Provide you with a list of arborist approved trees in your microclimate
  4. and a chance to meet and talk with our arborist
  5. Mark where the trees will go
  6. Cut the concrete in front of the house
  7. Show up with a team of volunteers and plant your tree
  8. Supply all the stakes, arbor ties, and watering buckets for your tree
  9. Provide 18 months of arborist-led tree care after the planting.

I will post forms and links needed. If you own in Miraloma Park and are interested in buying a tree or two for your sidewalk or yard, please send me an email so I can get in the fold. Thanks!

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