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Old Natus Medical Evening Magazine TV Segment

src=”; href=”; target=”myself” controller=”false” autoplay=”false” scale=”aspect”> Going through some old, old, old hard drives, clearing out data, and erasing many zip disks, I found some old multimedia from my days at Natus Medical Inc. Just about everyone in the segment is long gone from Natus with a few exceptions. Enjoy! Alternative...

Moving Ubuntu Linux from PATA drive to SATA drive

  I had running on a very old laptop on a small ide 2.5″ drive. It was slow, but it was working. It got very tedious to work on though when anything went wrong and the webserver was really starting to get slow so I finally bit decided to move to newer hardware. But, the problem was that the drives on anything modern are serial ATA. Here is what I did 1. Installed the same flavor...