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Thoughts on Airtable from a Longtime Smartsheet User

After kicking the tires for ~72 hours or so on the recent funded Airtable here are some thoughts on it vs. my go-to for similar functions around project management and collaboration, Smartsheet. By no means is this comprehensive, but just some notes on some time with the tools. The Good about Airtable over Smartsheet: Airtable is more fun: Playing with data is much more of a pleasure in Airtable...

Doing mass edits or deletes in NetSuite by cheating with ReMouse

Thankfully, most of the core operation data in NetSuite can be mass deleted or mass edited via the various NetSuite tools in list views or saved searches or via integration tools like Jitterbit. But, sadly, some areas of data in NetSuite you can’t update or delete via the native NetSuite GUI or via CSV updates. When faced with the reality of having to manually delete ~1200 Reporting...