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Comcast DNS for San Francisco

Not an incredibly exciting post, but still needed. If you are a Comcast Business user for internet services and you are in the San Francisco / CA area, use these for your DNS

Get Evocam live feed to publish to iPhone

If you are using Evocam on OSX for a webcam, you can change the Built-in Web Server setting Display stream using: Server Push This allows the live web video feed to be accessed via Safari on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Using the Java Applet works just fine on desktop browsers, but due to the lack of iPhone Java support, you have to go this route. Very slick. We use Evocam with an old iSight camera...

Old Natus Medical Evening Magazine TV Segment

src=”; href=”; target=”myself” controller=”false” autoplay=”false” scale=”aspect”> Going through some old, old, old hard drives, clearing out data, and erasing many zip disks, I found some old multimedia from my days at Natus Medical Inc. Just about everyone in the segment is long gone from Natus with a few exceptions. Enjoy! Alternative...

Changing your user name in Office 2008

Since this doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere and wherever it is posted, it seems incorrect or overkill to reinstall Office 2008 entirely. In my case, there was a typo that was just an annoyance that needed to be corrected. I could see though if the Office Suite was installed for a previous user / employee and was not set to a generic name, it could be annoying as well. Many sites tell you...

Galleon for Tivo on Ubuntu Hardy

I had a lot of issues with getting a recent install of Galleon operational on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I was running Galleon off and on for years on OS X, but seemed like it was time to get it going on Ubuntu. Not Easy. It seems they really gear Galleon on the linux-side to be most workable with RedHat / Fedora flavors of linux. I had a multitude of issues getting it operational and if you are trying...

Get rid of the U3 Launchpad on Your Sandisk Cruzer

I love the Sandisk USB flash memory sticks. They are the best. The fact that they are made retractable and without the need for a cap of any kind makes them the best. Unfortunately, they bundle/format them with the annoying U3 Launchpad application for Windows which I have no use for. So, the first thing I do is remove it. Initially, I was doing low-level formats on the device on OS X, then...

Moving Ubuntu Linux from PATA drive to SATA drive

  I had running on a very old laptop on a small ide 2.5″ drive. It was slow, but it was working. It got very tedious to work on though when anything went wrong and the webserver was really starting to get slow so I finally bit decided to move to newer hardware. But, the problem was that the drives on anything modern are serial ATA. Here is what I did 1. Installed the same flavor...

Nice GUI LDAP Browser Application –> LUMA

I have recently been doing a lot with LDAP and really needed a nice, flexible LDAP browser tool to run on Ubuntu Hardy.
Luma is great.  Very configurable and easy to work with. Has a plug-in architecture and just really slick from what else is out there now.
Check it out @