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San Francisco restaurant ratings online

There are so many restaurants in San Francisco and so many sites that have bias and or sponsored reviews it is nice to have some sort of site with clear ratings. covers San Francisco and now Los Angeles restaurants and posts the inspection scores of the local authorities. Yes, they don’t post service ratings, etc. or individual opinions (a la Yelp) but it is great...

Getting rid of gophers in the garden

The gophers in San Francisco are tough and smart. There are not many places or them to go, so if you do have a garden, they know how to stay around. I guess they are also pretty tough because they must hit a lot of cement! The other aspect is, at least where we are located, the depth of dirt is only about 15″ or so before you hit solid rock, so tunnels can easily collapse if you try complex...

Read and Write NTFS on OS X Leopard

It finally is possible and stable.
Thanks to MacFuse and NTFS-3G. I have it running on an Intel MacBook Pro and Leopard (OS X 10.5).
This is extremely useful in dealing with large files between operating systems. We have Lacie Firewire/USB external drive that is NTFS to handle large files (greater than 4 gig) and now read/write is a breeze.

GRUB Linux Boot Large Volumes Issue Fix

RedHat Linux / RHEL 5 and previous versions have a problem with large volumes because of a boot limitation with GRUB .9x (now referred to as ‘GRUB Legacy’ which does not allow booting to volumes larger than roughly 2 terabytes. This is an issue because when you get servers with storage like a Dell PowerEdge 2950 and you load it up with a bunch of 750 gig drives and RAID 5 them, you...

New Mergy.Org Public Format is actually getting some public content now with the addition of my wordpress publishing system. My hope is to make this a resource and give back to the net in a way to thank all of the others I have found great information from over the many years on technical hacks and workarounds.