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Manually Ejecting Stuck LTO Tape from an HP Drive

Sadly, the stuck tape for me was a symptom of a larger issue with the drive itself. But, we have an HP LTO4 autoloader displaying an odd error on the LCD I tried everything via the hardware interface, but we knew a tape was stuck in there. So, I removed the drive unit and saw the tape. Rather than just cutting into the mechanism, I found this video on youtube to at least try and extract the stuck...

Firmware update via USB on Samsung Digital Signage DBE Series

Ran into a tough issue with a Samsung Digital Signage unit that turned out to be quite a hassle. The unit was inconsistent on the wireless network and unable to reliably push content from MagicInfo. After numerous attempts to correct directly with the unit, I called tech support and eventually got through this solution. If you are having the some inconsistency with a DBE series unit, be sure to...

Getting Windows 10 and Cisco VPN Client Operational

Kudos to the various sites that provided some guidance on getting the Cisco IPSec VPN client going again on Windows 10. I finally was able to get it going for me. I’m running Windows 10 64bit and connecting to Cisco IPSec/UDP. 1. Run Winfix.exe before you do anything else. This will nuke all the bad stuff you probably did to try and get it operational. Do this first before you start piling...

Getting into an abandoned WordPress site

If you ever find an abandoned Linux server running WordPress on your network that was left for dead but still running somehow, here are some tips on what to do. I just went through this and was amazed when I discovered the WordPress install wasn’t compromised. 1. Get root. Kind of goes without saying. Get console and if you don’t have the root password to the box, you’re not...

Will ad-blocker shame banners work to get conversion?

I’ve read The Atlantic off and on for many years in print and online. The sure is a regular stop for me on daily news and I’ve appreciated many of their articles over the years. I’ve tweeted and linked to their content dozens if not hundreds of times over the years. When I hit their site tonight, they seem to be taking a new approach to visitors. They started dishing the ad...

Leonard’s Refrigerator Dream from the MadMen Finale

I had a dream I was on a shelf in the refrigerator.
Someone closes the door, and the light goes off
and I know everyone is out there eating.
And then, they open the door and you see them smiling
and they’re happy to see you,
but maybe they don’t look right at you,
and maybe they don’t pick you.
Then the door closes again. The light goes off.