Rejected Urban Dictionary Words

Recently submitted a couple of words to Urban Dictionary but they rejected them. Anyway, here they are.

Whackamendation: Noun 1. The incorrect or undesireable result of an algorithm that the various social networking websites use to try and provide people you are not currently linked to on their site but might know based on your current network. 2. The incorrect result of the algorithm your DVR suggests you might like but is totally off-base and probably rooted in the one show you recorded by accident or error.

Fauxfile Pic: Noun 1. A picture a person uses on social networking sites to represent them that attempts to show them in a more socially-positive way. Examples of fauxfile pics are; a picture of the person that was taken over 5 years ago, a picture heavily corrected in digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Unfortunately, UD seems to have gone downhill a bit.