Digital Signage In Schools

When I took up the task of trying to find a nice system for displacing paper-based bulletin boards in my high school’s foyer, I looked at a lot of solutions out there. I also asked around to see what others schools were doing. The types of setups people were using ranged from an old PC or Mac running Powerpoint on a display to provide scheduling and events for students and faculty to doing crazy VGA over ethernet to expensive displays. The top of the line solution was much to expensive and you still only had video and the fun of dealing with the craziness of cabling.

But, then I found MediaTile. Their systems are geared towards advertising and using their portal, the tile can communicate across the internet to get the data feeds you want for it. We got the 42″ model and set it up on our wireless. We have been running it now for over a year and did have some hardware issues, but MediaTile support went above and beyond to correct them and we are talking about power supplies, so what can you do?

We are looking at getting a few more around campus now that are internal trials seem to be positive. We also recently had a member of the Faculty at Lick-Wilmerding start to do some Adobe Flex/Flash development for a better, more interactive way to show our rotating block schedule which can really be difficult for everyone to understand and be aware of daily. The MediaTile system is currently and Windows-based system running their Adobe Flash-based MediaTile Player. We have it taking RSS feeds from our Whipple Hill Podium website News so we can keep our information unified and not have to post the all the same information in multiple places even though it is great to optimize screen images for the MediaTile for students and Faculty in a different way than we would for our website.

All in all, the lack of cables and overall slickness and network-connectivity the MediaTile digital signage system gives us is great and has become critical to our day-to-day operations. When we change the schedule or need to alert students to events, this is a great tool. The update time to the tile is not immediate, but that is due to the way the system checks-in for updates back to the home-base @ the portal. But, the time between the send and live on the screen is minutes so it is more than adequate for what we need.

More recent pics of our signage

Lick-Wilmerding High School Digital Signage Pic1
Lick-Wilmerding High School Digital Signage Pic 2