What is that new box on the lightpole? Water meters

Came home today and saw a new box with a solar panel high-up on a street light pole. I took some pictures and did a little research and found out what it was. It looked as though it had to do with the PG&E push for Smartmeters in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. It seems to be a data collection and rely unit for smartmeter systems.

But, in reality, it is for the water meters. Others have emailed me on this and confirmed it is for the SF Water District meters.PG&E can’t put them on the city-owned poles, but the water district can.

Got some pictures of the unit and the FCC ID is LLB9975 (FCC ID Search http://mer.gy/fccIDsearch ) which resolves to company named Hexagram that resolves to a company named Aclara http://www.aclaratech.com/ and specifically their line of smartmeter relay units http://mer.gy/smartmeters