How about some beautiful wind turbines for San Francisco?

There have been some recent debates on people in San Francisco wanting to put wind turbines on their property. In Miraloma Park, it can be really windy, so it makes sense. But, after seeing the mess that is the wind turbine at the house in Forest Hill Extension (that really doesn’t do much of anything BTW) I truly hope people will want to put ones in that actually look decent for the neighborhood as well as work.

I always liked the ones from Helix Wind. I could see people putting these up. They are vertical axis wind turbines and they look like art as opposed to a prop or something.

An article from the WSJ Bay Area Edition back in January 2010 covered Michael Deneui and his horrible Skystream 3.7 machine. I am not sure what the folks on the 400 block of Teresita want to do, but if it is another Skystream, then let’s no go there. Also, Helix Wind is out of California while Skystream is out of Arizona (yes, that Arizona.)