TEDxSFED Tweets From April 9th, 2011

  • IF printing, here’s an alt #TEDxSFED program that won’t kill the toner. I love black too, but c’mon http://t.co/vqw5uUJ
  • #tedxsfed cool vibe at the place twitpic.com/4isp5k
  • SOMArts kinda like the tents in old Bugs Bunny cartoons- looks small on the outside, but cavernous when you look in #tedxsfed
  • Note to self: talk to wife re: tweetwall for living room like #tedxsfed (would make life much easier) http://t.co/YZc6bCn
  • Pretty awesome. Didn’t know a ukulele had that many notes to play! http://t.co/IlDOblp #tedxsfed
  • Also need to help teachers be okay when don’t have ‘mastery’ of all tech that happens in classroom b/c kids will help #tedxsfed
  • David Orphal speaking on ‘TEACHER-PRENEURS’ at #tedxsfed was great.
  • #tedxsfed words: vampire, summer school, silo, green civic for The Freeze
  • Appreciated Victor Diaz speaking to students backgrounds, influences (Equity Pedagogy) #tedxsfed
  • Would be okay w/The Freeze just staying up there to provide some occasional punctuation for the remaining #tedxsfed speakers.
  • Check out The Freeze at http://on.fb.me/hMYxW8 #TEDxSFED
  • @TEDxSFED: What inspired you this morning #TEDxSFED? –> Victor Diaz & basics of trust, responsibility, follow-thru w/design thinking
  • Kudos to #tedxsfed organizers. Vibe/energy, speaker content and mix = all flowing well.
  • Now the awkward moments when people return to the #tedxsfed seats they were at this AM & find others sitting in them. Gotta roll w/it.
  • Esther Cook talking to slowing actions down for depth, details, and deliberate functions = great example of connection-making.
  • Clear that Ester Cook speaking from the heart. Easy to see how she inspires her students with her excitement & love. #tedxsfed
  • Like Esther Cook explaining the social aspect of learning and providing an environment for that in the kitchen. #tedxsfed
  • Glad Esther Cook spoke after lunch or I would be very hungry now w/all the food references. #tedxsfed
  • George Watsky = great as well at Lick-Wilmerding w/ YouthSpeaks performance last year. #tedxsfed
  • Vid of Youth Speaks Assembly w/@gwatsky and other poets back at L-W last year http://t.co/1yZeWgi #tedxsfed
  • #tedxsfed at @somarts was awesome. Bummed I can’t do edcamp. Now off to meet fam going to #sfgiants game at AT&T!

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