Adding Film To Minimize Glare On Large LCDs

We installed a 50″ LCD with built-in speakers in a very tricky and bright classroom to try and allow easy projection capabilities for the teacher and eliminate the always problematic use of normal projector systems. Three of the walls of the shop are fully windowed and the room is bright no matter what the weather. There are workstation islands through the space, so having everyone have to move to a part of the studio to see a presentation or demonstration was never ideal. This is a classroom envronment, so we really need to have everyone in the room be able to connect with what is happening on the screen no matter where they are in the room.

Pictures of the Glass Studio space.

As you can see, lots of windows that can make it tough to project anything. After hanging the LCD we noticed, that the glossy screen (common on most large LCDs) still created an issue because it picked-up on the glare through the windows when it was sunny or overcast. The mirroring effect of the windows and space outside the studio was impossible to ignore. Relocating the display was not an option. So, I tried to find something standard that would provide anti-glare. But, there is really nothing ready-made on the market that I found to buy through my channels that could work with something as large as a 50″ display to cut the glare and not possible damage it in the process.

Enter Photodon.

Photodon ( is one of the few/only to have film that will work to address the issue on large LCDs or TVs. I called them and Mary Ellen was super-helpful. I went back to get an exact measurement of the surface area of the screen and gave her the dimensions. They cut it to the specs I gave them for the Samsung LCD we recently put in there. When we got the film in, it fit perfectly. But – If you think putting a protective screen on a phone or iPad is tough, try doing it to a 50″ LCD! We took our time and stayed relatively patient throughout to get a great result with minimal blemishes on the contact of the screen to the film.

Before and After Shots Of The LCD

The result has made the LCD absolutely visible throughout the space of the studio with windows and all. The film was reasonably priced and well-worth the investment to really make the LCD functional in that space now. Very happy customer. If you are dealing with glare issues on your large LCD, TV or digital signage I suggest you give these guys a shot.

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