Use the Evernote Clipper With Safari On iPad and iPhone


iOS 7 Users: I have done a guide specifically for iOS 7 because of the differences with the new GUI. 

The Evernote Clipper is a great way to add URLs and sites to Evernote notebooks. It is a bookmarklet javascript that one can place on their browser bookmark bar to quickly select. But, in iOS, you don’t have that kind of functionality. Good news is the bookmarks function in Safari on iOS does allow execution of javascript. Works well on iPad, works okay on iPhone. 

Here is what you do.

1. Go to on your iPad or iPhone

2. Bookmark that in Safari

Add Bookmark on your iOS Device

3. Go to Bookmarks in Safari and edit the Evernote bookmark you just did.

4. Change the name/title to ‘Evernote Clipper’ or whatever you want it to be.

5. Copy the code from this text file and paste it in the field where the URL is (from the “j” in javascript to the “;” ) and save.


Pasting the JavaScript Into the URL Field

6. Save out of everything and go to a website or something and then when you are on the page, hit the bookmarks icon and select ‘Evernote Clipper’ bookmark to get the Evernote clipper screen.

Using the Clipper Bookmark on iOS

You might need to do the initial Safari login to Evernote, but after that, you should be good to go.

Clipper Javascript Bookmark on iOS

Update 05/09/12: It has also been reported on iPhones that it is best to set the Safari Options on “Open Links” from “In New Page” to “In the Background” if you are having resizing issues. Here is how you do it–

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone then Safari.

iPhone Safari Settings “Open Links” preference

Change that “Open Links” option to “In the Background”

iPhone Safari Settings on “Open Links”

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      1. Looks like when you fixed the conflicting security plugins, it also fixed displaying the links. Thanks for fixing it!

  1. Hello:

    I followed these instructions, using iPhone 5s. But I can’t seem to get the Evernote login box to resize — I cannot click on the “save” button to clip an article to Evernote. I even tried updating my settings to “In Background.”

    Any ideas what might be wrong?


  2. 5. Copy the code from this text file and paste it in the field where the URL is (from the “j” in javascript to the “;” ) and save.

    So WHAT IS “this text file”?? Trying to follow directions but writer is assuming reader knows what “this” is?!?!

    1. Hi Andy, I understand how it can be frustrating not to understand a tutorial that is meant to help you and you fill like things are missing. But I don’t think it the right way to ask for help. Jonathan does this kindly to help people.

  3. Hello all, i feel a bit stupid as i don’ t understand about which text file point 5 is all about. Can someone let me know? Thanks

  4. I do not get this green page with a place to past in the URL? I get a page with a dude smiling at me and no place to copy the code…please help me? Am I bookmarking the wrong page? It is the only thing that came up when you search for Evernote and from your link…

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