“Snow Leopard” was the last solid, reliable version of Mac OS. I keep thinking that the “Lion” (version 10.7.x) , and now recently “Mountain Lion” (version 10.8.x) reliability and quality issues I constant run into are so “un-mac-like.”

For years, Macs have been so reliable and because of their BSD roots and premium hardware, I have rarely needed to reboot or question the quality of the hardware and software. It has also, for the most part, been amazingly simple to operate while still providing the complex options for people like me that like to mess with things more than others. I was a “Mac” to reference the famous ad campaign with Justin Long and John Hodgmen that, in very simple terms, showed the differences of Windows PC with that of Macs. Content creators,  graphic designers and people that wanted to use the only best tools usually clamored for Macs.

With all the changes at Apple now the most valuable company the world has ever known through selling incredible consumer electronics, I wondered why my Mac was starting to not feel so great and give me annoying little problems. It was at that point, I remembered, the term “Mac” is now gone from the About screen. Apple killed it off with Mountain Lion.

That explains it then. I miss you. It was a great run. I will do my best with OS X but it just isn’t the same.


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