Editing and Fixing WordPress Liveblog Entries


UPDATE: January 24, 2013: Liveblog 1.3 does editing now! More here >> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/liveblog/


If you are using the WordPress Liveblog plugin to liveblog events, you can screw up an entry. I did. But, because the entries are time-stamped, you really only have the option to delete them or leave them through the WordPress browser GUI. This is not optimal if you just want to fix the spelling error or something minor, but you want to leave the entry the same other than that. The other issue on this is that the whole liveblog plugin has really no documentation or even any visibility of the liveblog “containers” it puts into the blog post to mess with it and correct it.

So, after some investigation this morning, I have found a way to correct them. It seems that the liveblog plugin is using hidden WordPress comments functionality. But, you can’t edit them like other comments through the WordPress admin dashboard. They don’t show-up.

No liveblog “comments” can be seen through the WordPress admin GUI

But, if you view the comments table via mysql through command-line or even through phpmysql you can correct the issues. The liveblog entries are there in the comments table for the blog. My blog is a multisite, so it is as the sub-blog table “tnm_7_comments” but find whatever your table prefix you used and the blog the liveblog is using to find your entries. In the table, you will see they will have a “comment type” of “liveblog” so they will be relatively easy to find. Here is a view from phpmysql

viewing the wordpress liveblog type comments in phpmysql


You can edit the entries here inline or regular full edit to make the correction easily. I am sure eventually as this liveblog plugin for WordPress matures, they will pull in the ability to edit and correct entries through the GUI. But, until then, this is a great workaround to fix spelling or incorrect quotes.

Good times.

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