Evernote Webclipper Hack Working Again! (Updated 2013-10-24)

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 9.55.10 AM

The older method for Evernote webclipping pages that I made available for users to hack into an iOS or Android bookmark is now not working. It could be that Evernote just pulled the plug on some key login areas on their end. I am investigating a possible fix, but Evernote really wants to go down the browser plugin route now. It was a neat little hack for Evernote users, but they seem to really want to do more than just clip, etc. and provide more functionality for users via the extension route.

I will take a look at see how this might be salvaged, but it looks like they pulled the plug or changed some aspects of the clip.action.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.03.33 AM

The bookmarkClip.js file is still live on their site (as is the clip.action above) but it looks like they disabled execution of this .js on their webserver. I might follow-up with the original author from 2008 and see if this was just a side-effect of other changes or if it was deliberate.



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  • Great that evernote wants browser plugins but that doesnt work on mobile safari. The problem is Evernote offers no functionality in mobile safari. The 3rd party web clipping apps that send to Evernote 3rd party very poor alternatives that involve cutting and pasting and continuously run in background. How does Evernote look itself in the mobile mirror?

  • I’ve seen a tweet that said this is a bug and Evernote is aware. Apologies Evernote. Not clear when they are going to fix or where this is on their priorities.

  • Confirmed what read in tweet. Evernote web clipper now working again. Most importantly working again in mobile safari and iPhones.