Problems getting group SMS/MMS from iOS on Android? Get Ninja SMS.

I was having a lot of blank messages from iPhone users on my Android CyanogenMod HTC One phone. The messages were blank when sent as part of a group text. This was quite annoying. I’m sure it has to do with iOS sending in a format for other iOS users. Here is what the Android Messaging app window looked like:


I was able to send okay and see what I sent to iOS users, but not see what they sent back to the group. Of course, I was the only non-iOS phone in the mix. I don’t get many of these group texts, so it was annoying but not debilitating. I tried a few other SMS apps but landed on Ninja SMS.

With Ninja, I immediately was able to see the formally blank texts.

It’s well worth the $1.50 if you are experiencing issues with SMS in an iOS-dominated world.


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