Fitbit Force Electrical Tape Fix


My wife and I love our Fitbit Force bands, but my wife did get a little rash due the nickel allergy that has now generated a recall. We were thinking of ways to provide a simple fix and thought electrical tape that was roughly the same width as the band could be worth a shot.

Here is what we did:

1. You have to use a super-sharp X-ACTO knife and electrical tape. My wife has a great little setup with board and sharp knife, so it was no problem. Depending on the width of the tape you have, you might just be able do a few cuts.


2. You probably want to cover the whole bottom of the band. YMMV in this, but it was easy to do and still keep neat and clean. We did the main area covering most of the bottom area.

3. Press the tape down into the region where the USB charger cable connects. The teeth of the cable grab inside the area, so you can cut the oval out with the knife.


We used tweezers to get the little piece out easily.

4. Test the charging cable. It’s possible it will be more snug than it was because if the extra width of the tape, but it is workable and charges.


5. See how it goes. My wife isn’t ready to send it back and go back to a Flex. Also, the alternative vendor options are not compelling right now after you are used to what the flex can do. We will see how the next product from FitBit fares. If there is no real alternative to it now, we thought the tape hack was worth a shot.

Hope this helps those that want to keep their Forces but have that allergy issue.


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  • Thanks for the tip. My wife also has the rash while I don’t. She also loves hers and doesn’t want to give it up. I just did the electrical tape fix as you advised and hope it will do the trick. How has it been working for your wife? I hope no more rashes!!

  • Ran across your site while looking for a fix. Thanks for the tip! I’ve put the tape on and hope the rash doesn’t return!

  • I haven’t had a problem with the rash, so I am still going strong with the Force. My problem is that the internal unit just came separated from the band on both ends.Will that go back with simple super-glue? Any other product that is recommended? Or not recommended? Thanks.

  • I have the Force as well (not that one!!) and out of the blue thought I’d put electrical tape on the back to see if it would help. Glad to see someone else thought of this. Could the OP give an update? Has the rash continued or gotten better?

    • No rash after the electrical tape. Replacement of the tape though after a few times started to damage the casing of the Force. I was able to get a new Force via eBay for her and she painted the case with clear nail polish and has been fine.