Fastrak not working? Maybe it’s a dead battery


We’ve used Fastrak ever since it started when I commuted to Berkeley from San Francisco. I’ve never had problems until recently when we were not getting any recognition of the unit at the toll plaza. No ding sounds or anything. We thought nothing of it, but when the violations arrived in the mail we had to resolve it. Even though we rarely pass over bridges nowadays, Fastrak can come in handy at SFO for parking.

I called the Fastrak service number (877-229-8655) and let them know the problems. The service rep corrected the violations. She also noticed my license plate number was slightly off, so the violation pre-check/match didn’t happen. After that was settled, I told her the issue with the unit. She said it was probably the battery and they would send a replacement unit out.

I had no idea there was a battery in there. It is not field replaceable either. So, she’s sending a new unit and I will send back the old one. I bet I had that original one for around 9 years or so.


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