Lenovo *still* shipping laptops with Superfish

One¬†would think Lenovo would have done some work to scrub the existing inventory in their own warehouses after the debacle around Superfish leaked last month. It’s clear that they haven’t.

My wife and I just ordered a Yoga 2 Pro late last week to replace our old MacBook Pro 2011 that died recently with motherboard failure. We received the Yoga 2 Pro today and as I set it up. I removed the various bundled crapware applications and I was sure that Lenovo would had the sense to clean-up their Superfish mess (at least on all inventory that didn’t ship yet out to resellers) but they didn’t even do that.

I was shocked to see Windows Defender find Superfish and nuke it.

Yoga 2 Pro with Superfish Edition, March 2015
Yoga 2 Pro: Superfish Edition, March 2015

This is very surprising to me. Lenovo got rightfully hammered for the decision to bundle Superfish with their products and I thought they had righted their wrongs. They make great hardware and I happen to love the Yoga series units, but this is very dissapointing. I see others are finding out the same thing.

Ugh! Get it together Lenovo. You make great hardware, but the revenue stream from bundled apps and malware is damaging whatever brand you have left.

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