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Batch Inserting Pages into Multiple, Separate PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

We had a need recently to batch insert a pdf into hundreds of other PDFs prior to distribution. There are a lot of slimy PDF applications out there that seem to be able to help compile merged PDFs, but I wasn’t happy when I tried a bunch of them. The good news is Adobe Acrobat XI has the Action Wizard functionality that can do this pretty easily. Here is how we did it.

1. Put all the PDFs you want to augment into a folder. Put the PDF you want to insert into all the PDFs in that folder outside the folder.

2. Go into Acrobat Pro (Version X or higher) and go to Tools > Action Wizard

3. Go ahead and “Create a New action” and change the first area of “Files to be Process” default option to “Add Folder” and under “Pages” add “Insert Pages” and specify settings as desired. You can leave the defaults.

4. Add “Save” to the action sequence after insert so you won’t have to save each individual PDF after the insert happens.

5. Inside the “Save” tool, you can decide to tweak the filenames  as well. We left them at default so they save over the existing PDFs.

6. Save the action.

and you will see this in your Acrobat Pro > Tools > Action Wizard menu.

7. Click the saved action to start the batch process. Specify the folder for all the PDFs you will be inserting pages into. When you select the folder, it will put a list of the pdfs in the preview.

8. Click “Start” to be prompted for the PDF you want to insert.

9. And then the magic happens. Acrobat should go through the PDFs in the specified folder and play the insert. This is much, much better than having to play the inserts manually to the dozens or hundreds of PDFs.

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