Monkeybrains Gigabit To The Home Status Map

Monkeybrains is now maintaining a map for those that bought into the first phase of the Gigabit To Home effort at the end of 2014 via their IndieGoGo campaign. It has to be so all of us will stop bugging them on how the rollout is going and when we get ours. But, I’m happy to see this is really happening and we can’t wait to help spread the speed and an alternative ISP option for San Francisco residents.

Monkeybrains GTTH Map

Miraloma Park, San Francisco Weather Station

Weather Underground PWS KCASANFR346

A very cool neighbor of mine installed a personal weather station in our neighborhood of San Francisco. Miraloma Park is relatively unknown even to locals and it is positioned between Glen Park and Twin Peaks below and around Mount Davidson.


Up until now, the closest weather report and information we got was around Glen Park, Twin Peaks, or Diamond Heights. With the very different micro-climates around San Francisco, this never really was very helpful to understand what was going on in our neighborhood.

If you live in Miraloma Park, I urge you to check out his Personal Weather Station on the WeatherUnderground network.


Supporting Hour Of Code 2014

Hour of Code this year at Stratford School has been a lot of fun!

Here is a search against the hashtag we used when visiting all our campuses this year posting pics on Twitter. We have 17 campuses in the Bay Area currently and are able to bring computational thinking and computer science into the lives of students from Pre-K through 8th grade, so #HourOfCode has been a celebration for what we have been building around curriculum changes over the last year!

The Giant Race: Home Stretch

Hey, I was just happy to make it to the finish line of The Giant Race 5K. All proceeds of the race went to Project Open Hand. The Bay Area really came out and had fun.

I was amazed at the quality of the grass on the field. It was absolutely perfectly groomed. They roped-off the infield, but it was a lot of fun to walk the field a little before heading home.


Fastrak not working? Maybe it’s a dead battery


We’ve used Fastrak ever since it started when I commuted to Berkeley from San Francisco. I’ve never had problems until recently when we were not getting any recognition of the unit at the toll plaza. No ding sounds or anything. We thought nothing of it, but when the violations arrived in the mail we had to resolve it. Even though we rarely pass over bridges nowadays, Fastrak can come in handy at SFO for parking.

I called the Fastrak service number (877-229-8655) and let them know the problems. The service rep corrected the violations. She also noticed my license plate number was slightly off, so the violation pre-check/match didn’t happen. After that was settled, I told her the issue with the unit. She said it was probably the battery and they would send a replacement unit out.

I had no idea there was a battery in there. It is not field replaceable either. So, she’s sending a new unit and I will send back the old one. I bet I had that original one for around 9 years or so.

The Birds: Saratoga Edition

Saratoga cars are under attack by birds.

It’s not on the scale of the Hitchcock thriller “The Birds” but it is quite annoying for many of us and the birds are doing some damage. I’ve noticed over the last few months a lot of bird poop and mirror scratches around the rear view mirrors on many different cars in our parking lot at Saratoga Avenue near 85. I was able to snag some video proof earlier this AM when I caught one of the birds in action on my car. Listen to the tapping. The bird really goes into the mirror I suppose to attack the bird he thinks is challenging him.

There doesn’t seem to be a pattern other than cars in the general area. This may be some larger, common phenomenon, but I have never experienced it before in the Bay Area where I have lived my whole life. I’m unsure if it is seasonal or just a territorial thing for the birds in the area.

Possible Solutions

The only way I can slow them down is to fold the mirrors in when I park, but people have reported that won’t necessarily stop them. People also report that parking in different areas of the parking lot might get your car out of the range of the territorial nature of the birds that are coming after us.

This was cute initially when I saw them on other cars bouncing around, but it must be stressful for the little birds and the constant need to clean our cars and perhaps have to replace the rear view mirrors make this all a pain.

The Bay Area “Reverse Commute”

Anyone else that commutes from San Francisco to the Peninsula or the South Bay already knows that the idea of “reverse commute” is a fallacy.

280 South out of San Francisco the last few weeks has been very difficult. Here is a couple of screenshots from Waze that gives you some idea of the south-bound AM traffic carnage.



Please don’t believe in the concept of a reverse commute in the Bay Area. It simply does not exist.