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Nextcloud PHP Settings

Kind of a random game over the years to optimize PHP 7.x and 8.x for Nextcloud and there are a variety of disclaimers on what you might think about doing for your specific instance, etc. based on server capacity and size of files, apache or nginx, and all that stuff. Not to mention the ambiguity around PHP, PHP-FPM, and whether you are using caching or not and all those separate possible config...

Nextcloud Cron Issues on Debian Fix

I started having problems with cron running as recommended on Debian because something changed and it makes sense that it would not be able to run because the webserver Debian user doesn’t have a default shell. I don’t know how this really was working technically at all ever, but I swear it was at one time. Anyway, it got annoying to see alerts on the cron task in NextCloud not...

Strategic IT Consulting and Implementation Services