MPIC Newsletter Article Mentions Miraloma Park FUF Effort

Really nice to read the June edition of my neighborhood newsletter from the Miraloma Park Improvement Club, Miraloma Life, and Mary Catherine Wiederhold’s article on the recent planting we did with Friends of the Urban Forest in the Miraloma Park area of San Francisco. I scanned it for viewing. You can click on the images to the left to read.

Please check out the MPIC website for more information about the Miraloma Park Improvement Club and other stuff that is going on in the area.

Wonderful Visit to The Fisher Art Gallery During PSPP 2010

Was lucky enough to be able to view the Fisher Art Gallery at the Gap Headquarters in San Francisco during the opening session of the PSPP2010 Conference. I believe the art currently there will be moving to the SF MOMA and I believe this is just a small sampling of the larger collection they have. Really amazing and wonderful of the Fishers and Gap to have the conference opening session there. Very glad the collection will live on for everyone to see at the SF MOMA in the coming years. More information on the move to SF MOMA is here

Here are a few shots. I missed photos of all the Roy Lictenstein works but there was a lot to take in. As one can tell, Calder and Chuck Close made the most impact to me.

Tree Planting in Miraloma Park and Sunnyside Today!

FUF augered the holes and we have 35 trees going in. Less that I had hoped, but still okay I suppose. Still it will be 35 more trees in San Francisco than there were before.

Party @ the MPIC with the Spring BBQ after planting is done. We are bringing cupcakes and lots of wine.

Great Turnout For FUF Meeting on Miraloma Park / Sunnyside

Great turnout everyone for the 3/15 Meeting with Sally our Planting Manager for the Miraloma Park/Sunnyside Planting on April 17th. Here are some pics. Video to come as well for those that couldn’t make it. Thanks again for Miraloma Park Improvement Club’s support for me and the group. They have continued to be a huge help on our tree-planting effort.