Miraloma Park Friends of the Urban Forest Planting Date: April 17th

Woo-hoo! We have a date with Friends of the Urban Forest to work towards now. This will mean we will have to have everyone’s forms in by March 15th, but we should be able to do that!

Congrads to everyone out there in the ‘hood for stepping up. I will probably want to sit in front of Tower Market to see if I can get anyone else prior to moving ahead. I am very excited and ready to plant for the neighborhood.

Mt. Davidson Park Renovation In Progress

It is great to see some improvements happening on Mt. Davidson. The cross is really a great structure and the views from Mt. Davidson on a clear day are awesome. Since there are not a lot of pics on the net on Mt. Davidson, here are a few we took last week. They are working on the path and stairs up from the lower part of the park to the main walk to the Mt. Davidson Cross.

SF, CA Neighborhood Info @ sf.everyblock.com

Seems like they are just starting out, but when I wanted to get information about police activity in my neighborhood, I spent some time looking at all different places. Everyblock.com seems to stand out on the way they are trying to aggregate the information and report it. They are pretty much only working with police reports now it seems, but hopefully they can grow into something more.

They are live in some other major cities across the US and seem along the lines of Yelp in the type of value they want to bring. The iPhone app is also a nice addition and actually has a better interface to what I want to see then the website itself, but that is another matter.

Views from Twin Peaks In San Francisco on a Clear Christmas Day, 2007

San Francisco Twin Peaks

There were other things happening on Christmas Day in San Francisco besides the tiger mauling at the Zoo. It actually was a very clear day. We took some pictures from Twin Peaks because you so rarely get such a clear view. Links go to full downloads.

San Francisco View From Twin Peaks 1

San Francisco View From Twin Peaks 2

San Francisco View From Twin Peaks 3

San Francisco View From Twin Peaks 4