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Microsoft Teams on Debian Linux Install Fix

MS Teams Download From Microsoft Quick post here but if you are having issues playing an install of Microsoft Teams Desktop application for Linux on a Debian Buster system, like I initially was, it could be due to the use of su and sudo. I have always, just out of habit, immediately prefer dropping to root on all things when needed, but that is not helpful in Debian on default paths, etc. So...

Batch Inserting Pages into Multiple, Separate PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

We had a need recently to batch insert a pdf into hundreds of other PDFs prior to distribution. There are a lot of slimy PDF applications out there that seem to be able to help compile merged PDFs, but I wasn’t happy when I tried a bunch of them. The good news is Adobe Acrobat XI has the Action Wizard functionality that can do this pretty easily. Here is how we did it. 1. Put all the PDFs...

Strategic IT Consulting and Implementation Services