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Cyanogen OnePlus One Refugees

Many OnePlus One owners still love their phone and have no need to upgrade outside of having a relatively current version of Android for security and stability. OnePlus has released a handful of new models since the original One release, and updates, although pretty delayed, were still coming to get the official shipping OS up to snuff. Sure, OnePlus and Cyanogen parted ways in 2015 and OnePlus developed OxygenOS as the mainstay OS for all their US phones. 

This uneasy but stable situation all changed when Cyanogen announced they were shutting=down in December 2016.  I snagged the last build and posted it for download on this post. 


  1. You need to know what you are doing with adb, flashing recovery, etc. If you work this and don’t know what you are doing, you will kill your phone. 
  2. Android Pay and other services that rely on SafetyNet will not work on the unsigned build. 
  3. You’ll get Android 7.1.1 and it is actually quite stable, but it still is a nightly build. 

Here are the download links:

CM 14.1 20161225 Build

TRWP Recovery For bacon



Manually Ejecting Stuck LTO Tape from an HP Drive

Sadly, the stuck tape for me was a symptom of a larger issue with the drive itself. But, we have an HP LTO4 autoloader displaying an odd error on the LCD

incomp. medium

I tried everything via the hardware interface, but we knew a tape was stuck in there. So, I removed the drive unit and saw the tape.

Stuck LTO4 tape

Rather than just cutting into the mechanism, I found this video on youtube to at least try and extract the stuck LTO4 tape through the proper process.

I was able to extract the tape and found the post-it note jammed in the slot, but that wasn’t the ultimate issue that doomed the drive.

post-it note stuck in LTO drive


The drive mechanism that grabs and guides the cartridge broke and was not able to be easily repaired.

Broken LTO4 drive

So, the drive was a loss, but hey, I was able to get the tape out. The video was absolutely key. Good luck to you.

Firmware update via USB on Samsung Digital Signage DBE Series


Ran into a tough issue with a Samsung Digital Signage unit that turned out to be quite a hassle. The unit was inconsistent on the wireless network and unable to reliably push content from MagicInfo. After numerous attempts to correct directly with the unit, I called tech support and eventually got through this solution. If you are having the some inconsistency with a DBE series unit, be sure to go into the Menu/Support and get the latest firmware. The issue with the unit we purchased was that the unit was too many versions behind the current firmware, so it wouldn’t perform an over the air update.

Here is the manual way to accomplish the update. My unit model was a DB55E and my version was 1014.

  1. Check the version via the remote control from Menu/Support/Update and try to play the other the air update. If it is too many versions behind current, it will come back that you have the latest update. This would be incorrect.
  2. If the update went well, you can stop here. If it didn’t, download this file. I am posting this because it was oddly difficult to obtain. It’s ~700megs.
  3. Unzip that zip and put the contents of the unzipped folder on a USB memory stick.
  4. Make sure to name the folder “T-GFSLE2AKUC” only and it should reside on the root level of the memory stick.
  5. Connect it to the display USB port.
  6. Run the update via the menu again, but this time you will be prompted if you want to search the USB storage. You do.
  7. Let the screen run the update all the way through. It will take a few minutes then bring it back to the source search and or static snow.
  8. Go back into Menu / Setup and confirm the update ran.

YMMV but hope this helps you without consuming the time it took me to get to a solution.


Will ad-blocker shame banners work to get conversion?

I’ve read The Atlantic off and on for many years in print and online. The sure is a regular stop for me on daily news and I’ve appreciated many of their articles over the years. I’ve tweeted and linked to their content dozens if not hundreds of times over the years.

When I hit their site tonight, they seem to be taking a new approach to visitors. They started dishing the ad-blocker shame banner.


I understand the concept. They want to shame me into some conversion. But here is the thing, I took a few seconds to try and close the image to get to content but I just gave up and left. Isn’t that what most will end up doing?

I understand the predicament they must be in, but I struggle to see how executing a barrier like this would generate a reader to become a paying customer.

Shame and barriers can’t be the right approach can it?