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Avoid Fox Sports Audio on San Francisco Giants Games

San Francisco Giants fans struggled with Joe Buck and friends in 2010, but I couldn’t handle it this year. I had to find a way. You need Sirius XM. If you don’t have it, the video delay on TV directly to listening to the radio station KNBR is too much to handle. BUT, if you do have a Sirius XM subscription (we have a Sirius radio in our Honda) the feed from Sirius is behind the the video even with a TiVo or other DVR in between the TV and cable. With TiVo and Sirius, you can make Fox Sports commentary a non-issue. It is wonderful. Here is how.

1. Get the game up on on Fox on your TV. (Channel 702 HD in the Bay Area.)

2. Use the web player on SiriusXM and go to the MLB Play-By-Play channel for the Giants, Channel 863. It is the KNBR feed with Kruk and Kuip but it is delayed roughly 30-60 seconds. I have our iMac at home playing the flash player for Sirius playing and dishing the audio to an Airport Express and speaker near the TV.

3. The TV will be ahead of the audio initially. Pause the TV with your DVR or TiVO at a memorable point in the game.

4. Wait for the audio from KNBR to catch-up and then play the video.

You might have to pause or fast-foward TiVo/DVR a little to get it in-sync perfectly, but when you do. It is nirvana. Here are a couple of samples.

I love it. I really love it when you see the Fox Sports crew do something stupid during the game and you are still with the game and timing because you are lucky enough to not hear them doing whatever.

If you have a DVR and a Sirius XM subscription, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It has made the game much more enjoyable for us.


1. SiriusXM web player does prompt every once and a while after a hour or two to make sure you still want to listen (which is a hassle.) When you continue, you will need to re-sync with video.

2. You don’t get all the stupid TV commercials because often KNBR will talk about the game through the TV commercials.

Galleon for Tivo on Ubuntu Hardy

I had a lot of issues with getting a recent install of Galleon operational on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I was running Galleon off and on for years on OS X, but seemed like it was time to get it going on Ubuntu.

Not Easy.

It seems they really gear Galleon on the linux-side to be most workable with RedHat / Fedora flavors of linux. I had a multitude of issues getting it operational and if you are trying to get this going, I hope this helps.

1. Disable IPv6. I know, it is the future, but again, we have to disable it to get better performance and/or have something we need just work. In Ubuntu Hardy, you

sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/aliases


alias net-pf-10 ipv6


alias net-pf-10 off ipv6


sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

or reboot the computer.

2. Download the galleon distribution. Unzip it somewhere, and vi the Makefile to comment out or delete the lines referring to ‘chkconfig’ in the install and uninstall parts. It is a RH deal not a Ubuntu deal.

3. Perform the

sudo make install

4. It should put everything in /usr/share/galleon . Go there and vi galleon in the bin directory and comment out the line towards the top referreing to /init.d/functions. Again, a reference to a RH deal.

5. Then, vi the script in the /usr/share/galleo/bin directory to get rid of the extra stuff and just go with

# Run the Galleon server
/usr/share/galleon/bin/galleon console

After doing the above, things actually started to work for Galleon and Hardy Heron!

Good luck!

Take Tivo Content to iTunes and iPhone in OS X

Tivo Logo TDM Screenshot

If you have a Series 2 Tivo, and have Tivo on the network it is very easy to get Tivo recorded shows to your iTunes and iPhone.

Using Tivo Decode Manager it is really a breeze. Basically, you want to record in ‘High Quality’ from Tivo then setup TDM to do the MP4 conversion. You will get a file that then can be imported into iTunes and be recognized as a TV Show or Movie. Of course, you need to know your Tivo IP and your Media Access Key, but this is a great solution to get high quality video off your Tivo in a very easy way. This is light years ahead of the way it used to have to be done. It has also been around for quite a while now and I have had tremendous success with it over the last year. It was shaky initially, but after the last TDM version, it has been solid.

Sample screenshot of TDM above.