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Fixing nextCloud GeoBlocker MaxMind “GeoIp2\Database\Reader” does not exist error

It seems the Geoblocker app with Nextcloud can get out of whack on Nextcloud updates or if you are doing geoipupdates to leverage your Maxmind geoip database for other applications. I noticed this recently and there seems to be some various solutions out on the web to handle this. I had this working for many months and all of a sudden noticed errors in Nextcloud on this where the Geoblocker app...

The Angry.Org Story

Back in 1994/1995 I was working for Faludi Computing Inc. as a consultant and we wanted to play around and get familiar with DNS. So, we decided to put a basic webserver up with a funny domain name to test configurations and how the DNS propagated out to the rest of the internet. The domain name I chose was Robert Faludi (founder of the appropriately named Faludi Computing) allows me to...

Strategic IT Consulting and Implementation Services