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Epic Nightly For HTC One CyanogenMod Users

2013-10-02 nightly was an epic update.


• 60fee78 m7: Update defconfig
• 567b88e Revert “Revert “ARM: 7169/1: topdown mmap support””
• ea5adf8 ARM: 7495/1: mutex: use generic atomic_dec-based implementation for ARMv6+
• c3fc41a mutex: Place lock in contended state after fastpath_lock failure
• a10e0b3 ARM: 7467/1: mutex: use generic xchg-based implementation for ARMv6+
• a9f4a03 Revert qualcomm’s contributions on mutex.h
• f3cce42 ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fix
• 3db1701 ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimizations
• 1289e73 lib/lzo: huge LZO decompression speedup on ARM by using unaligned access
• 3580bdc lib/lzo: Update LZO compression to current upstream version
• 9638e28 lib/lzo: Rename lzo1x_decompress.c to lzo1x_decompress_safe.c
• 50cfddb mm: remove compressed copy from zram in-memory
• 8226044 ARM: 7743/1: compressed/head.S: work around new binutils warning
• 9565f48 m7: Fix MDP bus scaling data
• 2f4f40d m7: Use performance cpufreq governor by default
• 1ebcbce arm: Allow SCHED_HRTICK on ARM
• a8124a6 msm: acpuclock-krait: Enable HFPLL for init only if switching to it
• 1570cb4 msm: cpufreq: Update frequency index
• 30e4479 msm: cpufreq: Initialize cpufreq driver early at boot
• 7cb3cca msm: cpufreq: Add support for CPU clocks and msm-cpufreq device
• 565a601 msm: cpufreq: Relax constraints on “msm-cpufreq” workqueue
• 38da689 msm: cpufreq: Ensure cpufreq change happens on corresponding CPU
• 02a58bb trace: power: Adding trace events for cpufreq
• 1b5aa2f cpufreq: interactive: fix show_target_loads and show_above_hispeed_delay
• 6fbe3a2 cpufreq: ondemand: Fix hotplug deadlock with store_powersave_bias
• 7931839 cpufreq: Adding traces to the cpufreq
• c897b10 cpufreq: ondemand: Fix update_sampling_rate race with hotplug
• 79ad504 cpufreq: ondemand: add input_boost interface
• 13ba25e cpufreq: Avoid using smp_processor_id() in preemptible context
• 871c874 msm: cpufreq: Only apply driver limits for scaling_min/max_freq writes
• 292e0cf cpufreq: ondemand: Boost CPU frequency only for touch input
• c21aaf9 cpufreq: ondemand: Disable freq sync feature in store_powersave_bias
• 0bc1e9d cpufreq: ondemand: Fix locking issue in store_powersave_bias
• 79ef899 cpufreq: ondemand: change freq sync code to use per-CPU kthreads
• 596b701 cpufreq: Use dedicated high-priority workqueues
• 3735ef0 msm: Synchronize CPU frequency on thread migration
• 982c32b msm: rotator: Add support to YCBYCR rotator format
• 7302b99 msm_fb: display: Add support to YCBYCR MDP format
• e19fdbe msm: msm_fb: Replace wait for DMA_P with VSYNC in Pan_display Path.
• 6c3ab2d msm: msm_fb: wait for VSYNC instead of DMA_P for commit completion.
• edc7a64 video: msm: Use the new fence release logic for video panel too
• 957f6d2 netfilter: nf_ct_sip: don’t drop packets with offsets pointing outside the packet

A Future Of Success vs. A Future Of Failure

From the Portlandia “Grover” episode around getting their son into a specific preschool.


The son can have a future of success if he is able to get in. The milestones are great schools, money, and a fancy car.


But, if Grover doesn’t land the preschool, it’s a descent into failure through public school, community college, drugs, guns and perhaps shoplifting. Again, great milestone references.

Pretty funny.

Fixing “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.” errors in Android.


I did something Google Now or Google services in general didn’t like. After doing a bunch of searches, people were all over the place with possible fixes. I tried them all. But, the only solution I found was to delete the Google account data and cache.

Go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Search.


Press “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to purge the corrupted data.



Clearing this data out should purge the badness causing Google Search to freak-out.

Educator Open Content Authoring Event at Lick-Wilmerding, March 9, 2013



From Bill @ FunnyMonkey– 

On Saturday, March 9th, from 10-4, at Lick Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, we are helping to run an Open Content Authoring Day. These events are working days; the goal of these days is to help create better learning resources, available under open licenses, that we and our peers can modify and reuse.

If you are a teacher who has notebooks (or hard drives) filled with work you have used in your classroom, and you want to connect with other educators to create more effective lessons, this event is for you!

If you are a technology director and work with some teachers who are looking to expand their professional networks, come, and bring some teachers – this event is for all of you!

If you want to get a jump on curriculum planning for future courses, and you don’t want to plan in a vacuum, this event is for you!

To help people get a better sense of what the day is about, and to help people prepare to make the most of the day, we created a list of pre-reqs designed to help people walk in to the day prepared. These steps are based on holding past open content events, and from presenting to varies audiences about open content. The pre-reqs are described at

Attendance for this event is capped at 45; please sign up to reserve a spot. This event is free to attend.