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Migrating an Existing Windows Wireguard VPN Peer Setup to Debian 12

Just recently migrated to Debian 12 on my laptop full-time. I run my own Wireguard VPN server as well and had my Windows laptop client running great on that. Basically, I just wanted to use that setup and keys the same since I know it worked. No great UI for the WireGuard setup on Debian yet from what I can tell and NetworkManager on Gnome is meh on this. Here is how I got it working. Get the...

Fixing a damaged Jitterbit Agent setup on Windows

God knows what mess I made with all the updates and installs of Jitterbit on my main laptop running Windows 10 insider builds. But, whatever happened, things got pretty messed up. Jitterbit installers have not been kind to me so when updating the agent or studio, I’ve typically had to uninstall and reinstall. I hit a wall though recently and was stuck. The Jitterbit Agent would not install...

Strategic IT Consulting and Implementation Services