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Combining multiple fields from a Jitterbit connection into a large text field in Formula Builder

Took me a while to work this through. It should have been pretty easy but the Jitterbit Formula Builder syntax is just different enough to be a little bit of a challenge.

Basically, I had a need to take multiple fields from a Jitterbit connection and map them over to a multiple line large string text field. We were taking some data parsed into separate fields and just moving them into a big text area just to snapshot the data. There is no real documentation on this at Jitterbit support or community so guessing was the initial way to try this out. I also opened a support case and they were able to confirm the way to play it in the Formula Builder.

Transformation view of the multiple source fields and then sending to a single target string field

To do this, you need to open the formula builder on the target field and do something like this. My example inserts the text of the field names along with a space and “:” to act as a field label before each field record value and does a line break.

“field1_name: ” + field1 + “\r\n” +
“field2_name: ” + field2 + “\r\n” +
“field3_name: ” + field3 + “\r\n” +
“field4_name: ” + field4 + “\r\n” +
“field5_name: ” + field5 + “\r\n”

The above forumla builder syntax will return a multiple line single string at the target field. The syntax is a little different than what I would have expected from using other tools because of the need for the + operand and the text of the line returns. I kept banging on this until it was written to me by Jitterbit support. Make sure you have the + operands at the end of each line except the last field line.

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