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Dark Fiber Setup Back at Lick-Wilmerding with Monkeybrains

Here are pics from way back when Alex and Rudy at Monkeybrains figured-out how to snag access to the old Earthlink dark fiber nearby for Lick-Wilmerding and to open a line of sight access point for Excelsior and Ingleside in SF. I was the Director of IT at Lick-Wilmerding at the time. We were struggling with bandwidth and were excited to partner with Alex and Rudy in addition to making something we could serve to the community in the Excelsior and Ingleside neighborhoods as another option for internet access.

It’s amazing to see how Monkeybrains has grown across San Francisco and across the Bay Area now but this was fun to do and exciting for everyone involved back in 2011-2012.

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Strategic IT Consulting and Implementation Services