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Migrating an Existing Windows Wireguard VPN Peer Setup to Debian 12

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Just recently migrated to Debian 12 on my laptop full-time. I run my own Wireguard VPN server as well and had my Windows laptop client running great on that. Basically, I just wanted to use that setup and keys the same since I know it worked.

No great UI for the WireGuard setup on Debian yet from what I can tell and NetworkManager on Gnome is meh on this. Here is how I got it working.

Get the Windows Peer Config Info

Snag the text config from the Windows client setup. Copy all the text from that [Interface] and [Peer] area and maybe you have more options that me.

Edit from Wireguard VPN Client in Windows 11

Save that to a text file for Debian name it something with a .config file suffix


Import via Gnome Network Manager

Gnome (Wayland) Settings on Debian 12 for Network
Import from File on VPN config in Gnome Network Manager

Point the import from file to the vpn.config file you saved off the Windows setup.

Activating and Deactivation of VPN in Gnome

After successful import, you’ll get a quick setting up in Gnome to activate and deactivate the VPN.

Should work.

I do get an error after disconnecting via the quick on/off in Gnome around “Connection Failed” but minor to have that working!

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