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NUT ups.conf configuration for OMNIVS 1500XL USB

The Tripplite OmniVS 1500XL is a great home/SOHO USB UPS that is expandable with external battery packs. But, the NUT support on Debian-based linux distros is no bueno. They support Redhat-based with some software, but Debian users are stuck with NUT and tripplite_usb driver support. The unit doesn’t dish a few variables via the tripplite_usb driver so you kind of want to add a few variables. Here is what my ups.conf looks like now so I can not have the NUT turn the UPS off too early and better ID the model. 

driver = tripplite_usb
port = auto
desc = “trippy1500” = OMNIVS1500XL
override.battery.charge.warning = 30
override.battery.charge.low = 15

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Strategic IT Consulting and Implementation Services