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Reasonably Priced Wireless Speaker System

In looking at replacement for fully-wired speakers in classrooms, I ws finally able to find some speakers that are under $200, wireless and have good sound quality. These speakers are from Cables Unlimited / Audio Unlimited and seem to be a great little solution. The speakers can use batteries or be plugged-in and wall-mounting is simple (no extra brackets, etc.). There are screw holes on the...

New Life for Linksys WRT300N with DD-WRT

My Linksys WRT300N has been a good router for home but now that I needed a some more routing options, I really needed to decide what to do. I don’t need a full-blown router since I am not dishing a routable class C or anything, just a couple of IPs to for servers. I have known about dd-wrt and openwrt for quite a while, but thought those only supported the ubiquitus Linksys WRT54G models...

Zabbix 1.6.1 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

After working with other Open Source monitoring systems over the years, I decided to give Zabbix a try. Net-Saint then Nagios was always good, but getting it going initially and then adding the trending graphing was always a pain. Big Brother was another good one, but now that Quest Software owns it, the BTF version gets less and less appealing. Zenoss is another that I have used recently, but...

Seagate Momentus ST96812AS = Nightmare

bunch of dead Seagate Momentus ST96812AS

Wow – these drives are frying themselves at my work like crazy. The Seagate Momentus 60gb ST96812AS are a complete disaster. We have lost 8 in the last 3 months not to mention the ones that were lost prior to my arrival. These drives were installed on the first generation MacBooks and when they crash, they crash hard.
Stay away from these drives.

California Academy Of Sciences Pictures

This is a wonderful place and highly recommended. It is very much work the trip. The way they did the environments is really amazing. We got to attend at night and were very impressed. Here are a few pictures.

Comcast DNS for San Francisco

Not an incredibly exciting post, but still needed. If you are a Comcast Business user for internet services and you are in the San Francisco / CA area, use these for your DNS

Get Evocam live feed to publish to iPhone

If you are using Evocam on OSX for a webcam, you can change the Built-in Web Server setting Display stream using: Server Push This allows the live web video feed to be accessed via Safari on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Using the Java Applet works just fine on desktop browsers, but due to the lack of iPhone Java support, you have to go this route. Very slick. We use Evocam with an old iSight camera...