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Get Evocam live feed to publish to iPhone

If you are using Evocam on OSX for a webcam, you can change the Built-in Web Server setting

Display stream using: Server Push

This allows the live web video feed to be accessed via Safari on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Using the Java Applet works just fine on desktop browsers, but due to the lack of iPhone Java support, you have to go this route. Very slick. We use Evocam with an old iSight camera to check in on the dog from time to time and it is great to be able to do this via the iPhone. Evocam is the best webcam product out there on the Mac (nothing even comes close) and very much worth the license charge. 


Old Natus Medical Evening Magazine TV Segment

Going through some old, old, old hard drives, clearing out data, and erasing many zip disks, I found some old multimedia from my days at Natus Medical Inc. Just about everyone in the segment is long gone from Natus with a few exceptions. Enjoy!

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Changing your user name in Office 2008

Since this doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere and wherever it is posted, it seems incorrect or overkill to reinstall Office 2008 entirely. In my case, there was a typo that was just an annoyance that needed to be corrected. I could see though if the Office Suite was installed for a previous user / employee and was not set to a generic name, it could be annoying as well.

Many sites tell you to go and remove the

/Users//Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Microsoft Office 2008 Settings.plist

Which is great, unless you do not have it.

There are many hacks out there to help with Windows and Office on Windows registration information correction, but nothing out there for OS X and Office 2008 which is a hassle. I didn’t want to reinstall everything just to fix my typo, so after some investigation I found

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/OfficePID.plist

1. Copy/backup the OfficePID.plist file (in case you mess it up).

2. Quit out of all MS Office 2008 applications.

3. Open OfficePID.plist in Property List Editor (comes with XCode Development Tools)

4. Under the Property List Root/1000 is the entry for the user name. Fix it.

5. Save.

After that, open up Word and other Office 2008 applications and see the corrected name.